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Growing the Movement to End Hunger

From providing meals through school feeding programs to empowering communities by implementing a holistic approach to overcoming hunger, our programs nourish lives one meal at a time in the fight against hunger.

Good Food Farm 

With a mission to alleviate hunger, Good Food Farm is an urban community farm that provides a sustainable source of vegetables and fruits for our feeding programs to improve food security and reduce malnutrition. We provide produce to local food pantries, including our Good Food Grocer, and we also train the community about sustainable agriculture practices and food justice. The farm will strengthen our capacity to:

  • Ensure that families we serve have regular consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  • Create a vital market link for the farmers we support to help uplift them out of poverty.
  • Promote the cultivation of nutritious crops amongst the farmers, which helps us work through barriers to nutrition-positive practices.

Good Food Grocer

In partnership with private and public organizations, Good Food Grocer is much more than a food bank – it’s a place for the community to gather and nourish their dreams. Through the distribution of food packages, three cities in the Philippines rely on Good Food Grocer, the first food bank in the Philippines recognized by The Global Foodbanking Network, which has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives in counting. Through our food bank, we collect the food surplus of companies to provide families with emergency food and essentials, including: 

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Staple food items (rice, milk, canned goods, etc.)
  • Essential household items (cooking oil, soap, detergents, etc.)
  • Hygiene Kits

Good Food Kitchen

The Good Food Kitchen improves the nutritional content and diversity of diets in Filipino food-insecure urban households by increasing the availability and demand of affordable, nutritious consumer food products. This kitchen also serves as the nexus of community development activities, including health and nutrition, income generation, livelihood and people empowerment. The objectives of the Good Food Kitchen include: 

  • Provide affordable and nutritious meals daily to families with the highest level of vulnerability.
  • Increase the availability and demand of affordable, nutritious consumer food products.

Kain Tayo Mobile Kitchen

To prioritize the most vulnerable and at-risk communities, the Kain Tayo Mobile Kitchen, a customized jeepney with a fully-equipped kitchen, brings freshly cooked nutritious meals to hundreds of thousands of people facing hunger. Meals are provided up to five times a week at the mobile kitchen free of cost with various menu items. Kain Tayo Mobile Kitchen is the mobile extension of our Good Food Grocer program with the goal to:

  • Provide immediate access to nutritious meals to identified families facing moderate to severe hunger.
  • Prioritize the most vulnerable, including children, mothers, expecting women, differently-abled individuals and the elderly.

Dietary Supplementation

With the support of local organizations, our supplementation program addresses the dietary needs of children facing malnutrition by providing nutritious meals daily and conducting nutrition education classes for mothers and volunteers to implement in their households. This program also distributes meals through school feeding programs, improving access to education and overall health for the most vulnerable children, which:

  • Increases enrollment rates, reduces absenteeism and improves food security at the household level.
  • Improve the nutritional status of school-age children for proper development.
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